Possible Scam/Elder Abuse information

Below is some information shared with our Windham/Tolland affiliate at their recent luncheon. Christine Buck from the Office of the Attorney General spoke to the luncheon attendees.


“File a Complaint about a possible Scam” and “Elder Abuse” information To file a complaint, visit our website of www.ct.gov/ag and click on “File a Complaint” or contact the Consumer Assistance Unit at 860-808-5420. However, all complaints must be in writing, so it is easier to complete the online form.

Information prepared by the Office of Attorney General(OAG) on their Elder Abuse Hotline:

· the OAG has joined in collaboration with the Elder Justice Coalition to launch the Elder Justice Hotline, a new resource for seniors and their families/caregivers to turn to when help is needed.

· The hotline, which went live last June, is staffed Monday through Friday during business hours to receive complaints and requests for assistance – and to facilitate getting those concerns and complaints to the appropriate resources.

· The hotline phone # is 860-808-5555. Information about the hotline is also available on our website.

· The hotline accomplishes two things: first, it directs seniors and their families/caregivers to the resources they need when facing a problem; second, it allows the OAG to better understand which issues are most prevalent and to better identify trends that can then be responded to comprehensively.

· Elder abuse comes in different forms. Sometimes, that abuse is physical; other times, it can be mental or financial abuse. Each form is insidious and hurtful to older adults, and each incident needs to be taken seriously. It is critical the OAG acknowledges the full scope of these issues and their impact on older adults, especially when these issues can reinforce or contribute to each other.

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