Glenn Moon Application Directions

1. 2024 Application:

· The 2024 application is only available online. Applications from previous years will not be accepted.

· Open the application. (Click here) Complete all parts of the application carefully and save it to a new folder; name the folder your last name, first initial.  Gather the other required attachments and also save those to the folder which is titled your last name.

2. Submission Directions:

Click here to find the “Town / School List.” Find the town your school is in (listed alphabetically). Then find your high school in that town. In the last columns (on the right) you will find the name and email address of the Board Member for your area. (If your school is not found in the town/school list, please e-mail with the TOWN and NAME of your school.)

3. Email your completed application folder to the Board Member in your area by March 31, 2024.

You should receive back a confirmation that the Board Member received your application.

Do Not Email Your Completed Application to ARTC or to Glenn Moon Scholarship.

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